CERME12 COVID UPDATE (November 5th)

CERME 12 is expected and organized as a full face-to-face meeting, the first in 3 years. To make this possible, strict safety rules and procedures will be implemented. The (smaller scale) positive experience of YESS 11 encourages us in this direction.

Travelling to/from Italy

Participants should regularly visit the official Italian government web-page to know about the travel conditions pertaining to their region and country.

Participants should also regularly consult the equivalent websites in their own countries.

We suggest you remain informed by checking your situation with the questionnaire.

Specific up-to-date information about travels to SüdTirol are available in the webpage (in Italian and German or in English).

Safety rules for participants

At present, access to the prospective venues of CERME12 is granted based on presentation of a Covid-pass and measurement of body temperature.

Social distancing as required will be ensure during plenary lectures, poster sessions, and TWG activities. It may be necessary that TWGs are re-organized (eg split into smaller groups) in order to enable active participation.

Social events will be organized as far as possible, according to rules existing in February, 2022.

Participation policy

Participants should plan their participation to CERME12 as a full face-to-face meeting, since existing rules in Italy (November 5h) allow such an event, provided that strict safety rules are respected. 

Participants are strongly advised to ensure that they have sufficient travel insurance (including cover for COVID and pandemic related issues).



The deadline for submission of papers and posters is 15th September. THIS DEADLINE WILL NOT BE EXTENDED.

Bad scenarios

a) A sudden worsening of the situation and a change of official rules will make this event impossible to be held in Italy or in Bozen:

In such a case, CERME12 will be held completely online (Plenary lectures, Posters, TWGs). If a sudden worsening occurs after December 2021 and there is no time for switching CERME12 (as it is) completely online, the meeting might be reduced, shifted or even cancelled. In all cases, partial reimbursement of the fee (except for the non-refundable pre-registration fee) may be given to the extent that this is possible, considering first that the costs incurred by the organisation of CERME have to be covered. Decisions on this are taken by the LOC of CERME12 and the board of ERME in close collaboration, and cannot be appealed. For technical reasons, reimbursement may be in the form of a voucher as part payment for future ERME or CERME events.


b) CERME 12 is held face-to-face but a participant is not allowed to travel to/from Italy, due to official restrictions related to his/her country or institution:

In such a case, a (possibly partial) hybrid participation to the activities will be facilitated, in the case of TWGs this will also depend on what the leader team finds possible, but the technical facilities will be available at the venue. A partial reimbursement of the fee to such participants might be decided after CERME 12 is finished, under the same conditions as in the previous case.

As noted above, participants are strongly advised to ensure that they have sufficient travel insurance (including cover for COVID and pandemic related issues).